Mustard Oil: Health, Nutrition, Uses, and Side Effects

Mustard oil is a nutritious edible oil with a low SFA, high MUFA and PUFA, notably alpha-linolenic acid, and a favorable LA: ALA ratio (6:5) Mustard oil reduced arrhythmias, cardiac failure, and angina in MI patients. Thus, mustard oil is helpful for cardiovascular patients.

Cardioprotective Effects

Mustard oil has been used to treat colds, coughs, and allergies since ancient times Mustard oil steam clears respiratory congestion. Warm mustard oil, a few garlic cloves, and 1 teaspoon of ajwain massaged on the feet and chest relieves colds and coughs.

Reduces Colds, Cough

Mustard oil contains antibacterial, fungicidal, and cancer-preventing glucosinolate. This prevents colorectal and stomach cancers Ally Isothiocyanate prevents fungus growth and infection in food.

Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anticarcinogenic

Mustard oil is a primary source of all the fats our bodies need for plasma, cell lipids, and cell membranes Mustard oil lowers cholesterol and enhances RBC membranes. Read about basic cholesterol-lowering methods.

Red Blood Cell Strength

Mustard oil naturally stimulates sweat glands, boosting blood circulation. It lowers body temperature and removes pollutants Increases bodily blood circulation, relieving and rejuvenating strained and tired muscles.


A frequent mustard oil massage soothes aching joints and muscles. Due to Omega-3 fatty acids, mustard oil massages relieve arthritic pain and stiffness.

Arthritis And Joint Pain Relief 

Mustard oil composition depends on bodily needs. This oil has <7% saturated fat and 3.6-32.2% monounsaturated fatty acids. It has a lot of linoleic (18:2) and linolenic (18:3) acids.

Immunity Booster

Alpha-tocopherol, which is found in mustard oil, has a lot of vitamin E that can help lower the risks of diabetes.

Reduces Diabetic Hazard

Underweight people can benefit from mustard oil. Pumping your stomach secretes gastric fluids and bile, which makes you hungry.

Increases Appetite 

Mustard oil may also reduce cancer cell development and spread, according to research. Trans fat causes most insulin failure and fat oxidation.  Mustard oil's lack of trans fat helps manage blood sugar by maintaining insulin levels.

May slow cancer cell growth  

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