Optical Illusion IQ Test: Can You Spot a Snail Hidden Among the Turtles in the Picture within 7 Secs?  

Visual illusions are mind-bending, shape-shifting images of objects, drawings, or people that challenge brain perception. Physical, physiological, and cognitive optical illusions exist. Research shows that a normal brain can perceive things or images differently from different angles. 

These optical illusions often appear in psychoanalysis tests because they reveal your perceptions and intelligence. This time we created a clever optical illusion where you must find a snail among the turtles. 

The above image is a challenging brain teaser for adults and children. The green field with pink flowers in this optical illusion contains a group of turtles. A snail hides among these cute turtles.

The puzzle asks viewers to “Find the snail among the turtles”. Finding the snail in the turtles is the harder part of this optical illusion. Thousands of adults have struggled to find the snail in the image.

Look closely at this optical illusion to find the snail among the turtles. It may seem impossible to spot the snail, but look at the top-right of the image.

If you can find the snail in the picture in 7 seconds, you may be very smart. Studies show that solving difficult puzzles makes you smarter.

 we highlighted the hidden snail in the image

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