Should You Gift At Work? The Guide To Holiday Office Etiquette 

Determine your holiday gift budget if you include coworkers. Stick to line item amounts. It's okay to not have money for work gifts. Not giving work gifts is fine. 

Don't Blow Your Holiday Budget

Bosses should give gifts to employees, like Santa Claus coming down the chimney. Managers rarely receive gifts from employees. Even your superior can seem inappropriate. 

Don't Think Everyone Needs To Play Santa

Give gender-neutral or simple gifts unless you've worked with a coworker for a long time or done things together. Giving expensive gifts can make coworkers uncomfortable. Many reasons make alcohol gifts inappropriate.

Don't Assume You Know Someone's Tastes or Preference

Super personal items like a specific-sized shirt may make you and the employee uncomfortable. But fuzzy socks may be an exception. 

Don't Get Too Personal

Do Be Mindful of Different Faiths and Culture

Being respectful with multiple winter holidays requires careful giving. Many offices have Christmas trees and lights, but not everyone celebrates or participates. 

Think before giving homemade or edible gifts

We love baking and encourage holiday baking! Edible gifts are another option. Some workers like bakery or packaged foods. People may have diets you don't know about. Avoid giving dangerous edible gifts to officemates with food allergies.

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