10 Trendy Winter Nail Designs That Will Not Go Out This Season  

Winter Midnight 

A winter midnight sky with sparkling stars can inspire your nails. Create white, 4-point starbursts with a nail brush on a midnight blue base. Drop tiny crystals into the centre and seal with two top coats. 

Snowflake Magic 

In winter, snowflake nails are classic, but this winter nail idea makes them special. Apply a sheer base and draw white snowflakes with a fine nail brush and dotting tool. Apply a glossy topcoat over chunky, multi-colored glitter. 

Cute Polar Bear Nail

Why not paint polar bears on your nails to admire one of the cutest winter animals? Paint each nail a different shade of blue and draw a cute polar bear face on an accent nail for a paint chip nail effect. 

Rose Gold Shimmer

Use rose-gold tones for a simple but memorable winter manicure. Create a gradient with rose gold sparkle polish over a sheer glossy bass to achieve this look. 

Holly Wreath

This delicate winter manicure features bright red holly berries on snow-dusted evergreen pine needles in a French manicure style. A little green shimmer at the tips adds magic. 

Sweater Nail

Cosy jumper nails are a winter must-have and easy to recreate. Start with a pastel, earthy neutral, or saturated gemstone gel polish base. After drawing sweater-like texture with a nail brush, dust with acrylic powder. 

Icy Lavender Haze

A little chrome action in winter is fine, and there are many options. Silver and gold are safe choices, but try an icy lavender haze like this. 


Blue and silver are good winter colours, but don't dismiss green. This colour conjures a tranquil evergreen forest. Use magnetic nail polish and a magnet to create a dramatic design. 

Gilded Micro Sparkle

Minimalist manicures requested. Gilded winter nail art is the simplest. Apply a microsparkly top coat to an opaque or milky sheer base. Use the finest glitter particles to recreate the subtle shimmer, so choose your polish carefully. 

Rudolph Nail

If the holidays are coming, paint a red-nosed reindeer on your nails. Rudolph on a powder blue background with 3D snowflakes and sweater-inspired texture is a stunning winter design. 

10 Winter Nail Designs That Are Heating Up This Season