Texas Couple Makes Incredible Gingerbread Buc-ee’s 

Deanna and Paul Vaters built a stunning gingerbread Buc-ee's in Bastrop, Texas, with miniature cars and people. Tesla has supercharging stations.

Deanna has worked at the Williamson County Tax Office in Georgetown for six years, and the Vaters' edible roadside mecca is on display. 

“If you actually look through the windows, you can actually see people inside, walking around," Deanna said in a Williamson County government video.

People are gassing up and fixing their luggage at these pumps. People do these things at this travel stop on their way to vacation.

We bought all the cars, candy, and tried to make it happen. Her tax office coworkers are seen getting gas, walking dogs, changing tyres, and looking at maps. 

She has been making amazing gingerbread creations for the tax office for six years and at other jobs before that. 

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