The Best Gift Ideas for the 12 Days of Christmas 

Many "12 Days of Christmas" gifts are food-related, and we're fine with that. No matter your audience, an edible gift exchange works well.

It's okay if you use one word from "The 12 Days of Christmas" verse for your gift. Why not give a platter of homemade turtle candy to honour the song's second line?

Hungery for a winter meal? Friends and family will probably forgive you if your favourite chicken soup recipe doesn't contain hen for "The 12 Days of Christmas"'s third verse.

Initially, "four calling birds" may seem confusing, but we love the idea of gifting something for sending and receiving messages.

This next verse may not inspire you to buy gold rings unless you're exchanging gifts with your partner. Choose a clever twist your host or hostess will love.

Look for a gift with eggs or geese to honour "The 12 Days of Christmas," verse 6. Best idea: homemade eggnog.

The sight of swans makes us feel calm and peaceful. Use that to guide your gift choice by making it about relaxation, like a spa gift basket.

You can also make this "12 Days of Christmas" gift. Make a Shaken Together Life chamomile lavender oatmeal milk bath for holiday self-care.

The ninth verse of "The 12 Days of Christmas" has many ways to honour it, but dancing feels most festive.

Piping involves playing the flute, but it also mimics piping frosting on cakes and cookies (or maybe we've been watching too much "The Great British Bakeoff.").

After the "12 Days of Christmas" gift-giving, bang a drum. The 12th and final verse of the Christmas song makes a great gift for all ages: percussion

A jump rope for leaping can help friends and family jump through the tenth verse.Fitness fans can buy the real thing, but beginners may prefer Say Yes' vintage-inspired rope style DIY.

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