The Coolest Winter Hair Colors to Try Right Now

Edgy Copper

Think luxe, rich palettes of valentine reds and coppers and bronze that evoke warmth and sophistication. These can range anywhere from traditional shades to multidimensional hues.

Espresso Martini Brunette

The shade emphasizes smoky, cool ash hues in various brown shades, leaning toward a neutral to cool spectrum while minimizing red and warm reflections. The result? Rich, deep brown hair with cool undertones that create a truly sophisticated look.

Cashmere Bronde

Departing from the ultra-light, platinum looks of the past, it sits between dark and light blondes with violet sterling undertones, avoiding overly yellow or gold tones for a universally flattering hue.


Dark hair colors like jet-black are predicted to be everywhere in the New Year. “Jet-black is a deep, intense black shade that can create a striking and dramatic appearance

Valentine Red

– Expect to see an uptick in bright reds, like valentine, and pinks this winter too, says Kandasamy. To get the look, he suggests using IGK’s Color Depositing Mask in shade Tarantino Red. –


Prefer your hair colors low-maintenance? There are plenty of natural-looking shades to choose from this winter too. “Focusing on a ‘less is more’ approach, this trend emphasizes accent highlights over a classic shade to create a subtle yet impactful effect without appearing overly highlighted

Copper Penny

Winter will bring a more vibrant twist to the copper trends we’ve been seeing with shades resembling golden and high-shine coppers: Think a copper penny, .


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