The Hottest Nail Trends for Winter Include Metallic Designs, Starburst Nails, and Velvet Finishes

To make velvet nails look like a light dusting of snow, you need a very reflective glitter that makes even the most basic manicure colour look rich.

Velvet Nail

Minimalist Metallic Nail Art

You can add a fine, metallic design to the end of your manicure with a detailing brush or nail stickers. It doesn't take much work to make a subtle point.

Starburst Nail

For a winter manicure that stands out but is still understated, pair simple studs with carefully placed stars.

Chocolate-Brown Nail

To change things up, choose a deep brown shade with a shiny finish if you want a warm but neutral winter nail colour.

Shiny Black Nail

Don't be afraid to choose a classic black colour. Put on some moody black nail polish and then a shiny top coat to make your nails look like they're from outer space.

Chrome French Manicure

When you do a French manicure, change the white tips to chrome ones and add some 3D nail art for a cool look.

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