The Only Thing Missing From Christmas Trees This Year?

Many families watch holiday movies and purchase for everyone on their list during the holidays. The constant selection of decorations makes the most wonderful season special for designers. Doesn't life feel happier with string lights and ornament-studded pine trees? This year, the end is debatable.

 Many decorate trees with feminine bows, Kim Kardashian ditched flocking (even lights), while Lillie Grace P utilized red roses. "With red being the color of the moment, I wanted to incorporate it into my tree somehow," the content producer tells House Beautiful.

This year's Christmas trees lack what? Ornaments. From eccentric ornaments to colorful, homogeneous orbs, holiday must-haves are gone. What's up? Are ornaments "out?" Like many things, it depends on who you ask.

Flowers offer a soft, organic look, while bows bring elegance and tradition," says. This innovative mix captures the holiday spirit and exhibits personal style and inventiveness, giving the Christmas tree a unique centerpiece.

Those jewels are expensive! If you're trying something new, Grey Joyner advises quality above quantity. "When you use cheap ribbon and place them everywhere, your tree will look cheap and outdated," the North Carolina designer says.

Ornaments are common, but Catherine Ebert thinks they can be fun. "There is a little bit of kitsch in Christmas ornaments that I enjoy and I just love that each ornament tells a story," the manufacturer adds. "This is how family memories get passed down and knit us closer together."

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