The top 10 brands of acoustic guitars worldwide


C.F. Martin & Company is a legendary US acoustic guitar brand.Christian Frederick Martin founded it in 1833 and invented the first American acoustic guitar.Rarely do brands or companies last this long. Martin guitars' durability shows their quality.


From its workshop roots, Guild Guitars became famous in the 1960s. They competed with Martin and other top acoustic guitar brands.Guild kept familiar acoustics. This guitar brand had good playability and tone.They mass-produced the first cut-away acoustic guitar, a milestone. 


Seagull is less popular than other acoustic guitar brands but has a cult following. Seagull fans have many reasons why it's the best acoustic guitar.Solid tops and hand-built guitars top this list. This includes budget and luxury guitars.


Taylor seems immortal. Taylor is young compared to other acoustic guitar brands.Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug founded it 1974. It's still an acoustic instruments company. Now a household name, they can compete with other top guitar brands.


Yamaha made top student guitars for years. They didn't improve their acoustic guitar reputation.Yamaha released more guitars in the last decade. They cater to students with nylon and steel string acoustics. 


Its electric guitar expertise makes Fender an intriguing entry. It produced the popular Telecaster.Fender began making acoustic guitars in 1964. This was one year before CBS bought the company from Leo Fender, ill. 


The Filter'tron pickups popularised Gretsch Guitars in the 1950s. The genius guitar players Chet Atkins, Brian Setzer, Duane Eddy, and others popularised their instruments.They made successful acoustic guitars in the 1930s.


Takamine launched Jasmine. But KMC Music bought it in 2005 and still owns it.The playability and design of Takamine's more expensive acoustic guitars are carried over. Main difference: cheaper material production. It makes guitars affordable.


The Ibanez brand has a long history, beginning with Spanish luthier Salvador Ibáñez in the 1800s. Vintage Salvador Ibanez guitars remain popular. Eric Clapton and some wealthy owners admire them.


Gibson owns Epiphone since 1957. But their history goes deeper.They made musical instruments independently in 1873. They made lutes and fiddles in Ottoman Empire before moving to US in 1903.

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