There are 8 very tough dog breeds in the world  

Perhaps you believe that a smaller dog is the best choice for a family pet. But it turns out that some of the toughest dog types, which are known for being good guard dogs, are also great pets.

Even though size and strength don't always go together, our list of the strongest dog breeds and the best big dog breeds tend to be the same. They are big and cute, and most of them weigh between 120 and 150 pounds.

But these puppies are more than just strong. These soft giants are also known for being calm, being very smart, and being able to do work if you need them to.

It's always smart to learn a lot about a pet before getting one. There are many dogs that are great for families with little kids, but some may not be because they are too big. Some are great for people who have never had a pet before.

owners, and some are better for people with more experience. You should also take into consideration how much exercise and space each pup needs to make sure your lifestyles match up well. 

Whichever adorable breed you choose, the next step is picking out a sweet girl dog name or fun boy dog moniker, and spoiling your new pet with some top dog toys. 

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