These 10 Are The World's Most Wonderful Cities. How Many Have You Visited?   

Rome, eternal city. Italian capital has something for everyone. Rome offers the chance to walk in the footsteps of caesars and senators, visit the most important Catholic Church sites, live la dolce vita on the city streets, and enjoy Italy's culinary riches. History and modernity make the city one of the most beautiful in the world. 


Paris, with its elegant boulevards, leafy parks for strolls, and restaurants serving exquisite meals for hours, is the city of love. You can also relax in cafés while admiring Paris and its people. You'll see why Paris is on this list as you pass stately buildings on every corner in some arrondissements.



Great Britain and London are known for afternoon tea, fish and chips, the royal family, and more. In addition to its tradition, the city is modern. London is beautiful, from its crown jewels to its manicured parks, elegant terrace houses, and museum masterpieces. 


Prague's Renaissance, Art Deco, and other fairy-tale architecture is stunning. The charming historic centre invites you to get lost in its streets. You should see the Charles Bridge with its Baroque sculptures and Prague Castle, one of the world's largest.


Venice is a unique city where you can walk and take boats. Everyone should see this amazing city and its bright light. The bridges and boats make Venice interesting, but so do its elegant palazzos overlooking the Grand Canal, lavish St. Mark's and the Doges' Palace, and old masters in its museums.


Who doesn't think of Sydney's sun, surf, and miles of golden beaches? This popular big city has summer fun year-round. Australian summer coincides with the northern hemisphere's coldest days, which is a bonus if it's your favourite season. 

New York

NYC, the never-sleeping city. Broadway stories and Times Square lights can inspire you. Soaring skyscrapers, elegant stores on Madison and Fifth, waterfronts with city lights reflected in the Hudson and East Rivers, and sheer diversity—a world of experiences, flavours, and sounds in one city—are beautiful. 


The bright colours of Barcelona can make you happy just looking at them. The city, one of the most beautiful in the world, is in central Catalonia on the Mediterranean. Dreamy beaches and Catalan cuisine make it a great vacation spot. The Spanish capital's vibrant nightlife adds to its appeal.


You prefer nature or cities? Vancouver replies, “why not both?” British Columbia's largest city is surrounded by mountains, forests, and the Pacific Ocean in the southwest corner of Canada. Alpine trails and beautiful Vancouver Island are just a ferry ride away.


Vienna was named the world's most liveable city by the EIU in 2023 based on safety and infrastructure. Austria's capital is culturally rich. The city has Mozart, Klimt, Beethoven, and Brahms. 

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