These Southern Bakeries Make The Best Fruitcakes for this Christmas 

Fruitcake is shady. Love it or hate it. Southerners consider it a holiday tradition, not a joke. Fruitcake signals the holidays without regifting. 

Family holidays bring fruitcake to mind. We're featuring fruitcake bakeries with different flavours but the same concept. These rich, dense, and multitextured cakes bring holiday cheer with every bite. Don't make fruitcake this year? Try these bakeries. 

Backstreet Cafe was created by Chef Ruben Ortega, who has won awards from James Beard. He chose to do something different with fruitcake and has changed the way the classic is looked. 

Backstreet Cafe

Claxton, Georgia, the ‘fruitcake capital of the world’, has made fruitcake since 1910. Southerners gift and eat this version at the holidays because of the horse and carriage on the label. 

Claxton Fruit Cake

Southern Supreme Fruitcake & More

Nutty Fruitcake sales at Raleigh Christmas shows helped Southern Supreme Fruitcake & More grow into a large company. Bear Creek, North Carolina, sells those moist, chewy, nut-filled cakes in the company store and by mail. 

Collin Street Bakery

Collin Street Bakery has created fresh fruitcakes daily for 126 years. Fruitcake remains a top seller. Higher-quality ingredients, like 27% pecans, make the cake full of nuts and fruit and less batter.

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