This Florida Cottage Was Made For Holiday Hosting 

The couple focused on the basics because they had decorated small spaces in New York City and Savannah before moving to the Panhandle. Their favourites were prioritised. "The new house was a blank slate for life.

Natural Instinct

We’ve had ornamentless Christmases,”Nicklaus' grandmother gave him Lenox ornaments from birth, so when they moved into this house and had more space for decorations, they kept them. He borrowed her classic white candles this year to add a “layer of nostalgia” to the tree. 

A Well-Loved Tree

Home's centrepiece is the living room fireplace. Nicklaus wants guests and us to see the mantel's greenery, white lights, pine cones, and stockings. The couple wanted an old-looking columnar fireplace in their new house, so they had a mason break the bricks.

Main Attraction

First room you see when you enter the house, the couple calls the kitchen the greeting point. A fragrant simmer pot is often on the stove during the holidays, but Sid says, 'Just as many cocktails come out of the kitchen as meals'. Nicklaus likes old-fashioneds, Sid bubbly.

Grand Gesture

The couple thinks every room deserves a gingerbread house on a table, a 5-foot wreath on a porch, or a tiny tree on a desk. They also set up serving stations. “We’ll set up bars in outdoor spaces and all over the house.

Cocktails Around Every Corner

The courtyard, screened porch, and front overhang double the home's 2,800 square feet. It fits us perfectly. We entertain often, and Nicklaus has always wanted each room to have outdoor access to help traffic flow.

All-Season Entertaining

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