Tips And Tricks For White Clothes That Turn Yellow

Sweat and body oils yellow white garments often. These objects can affect cloth color when touched. They can accumulate in fabric fibers and yellow it. Many people acquire this around the collar and armpits from sweat. 

Body Oils and Sweat

The amount and kind of detergent can affect yellowing. Too much detergent won't wash away. Your clothes will discolor and stiffen from this residue. Use the smallest amount of detergent to clean garments. If discoloration is severe, use white-clothing detergent.

Too Much Cleanser

Your white garments' look depends on water quality. Hard water with high calcium and magnesium concentrations yellows. They stain cloth by binding. If possible, installing a water softener can improve your clothes, skin, and hair. However, because this isn't an option for many, you can also add water conditioner to your washing. 

Hard Water

Yes, seriously. Interestingly, bleach can yellow white garments. More specifically, chlorine bleach. Misuse can weaken cloth fibers and yellow it. Make sure you follow the directions and use bleach sparingly. Use it simply a few times while washing whites to prolong their life. 


Sunlight may brighten whites and erase stains, but too much might be bad. Long-term exposure weakens and yellows fibers. Limit direct sunlight when line-drying garments outside. 

Sun Exposure

Make sure you use a detergent of superior quality and use the least amount of detergent possible when cleaning your laundry.

Use the Right Detergent

It is important to use a stain remover to cure stains before washing them, and under no circumstances should the clothes be dried until the stain has been entirely removed. 

Pretreat Stains

The use of cold water to wash white clothes is more friendly on the fabric and helps to maintain the whiteness of the garments.

Wash in Cold Water

Bleach should be used in moderation, and the instructions on the bottle should always be followed.  

Avoid Overusing Bleach

Choose oxygen bleach instead of chlorine bleach since it is gentler on materials. 

Consider Oxygen Bleach

It is imperative that you make sure your washing machine is clean and free of any mineral or chemical accumulation. 

Clean Your Machine

It is important to give your white garments a break between wears in order to prevent excessive accumulation of sweat and oil. 

Rotate Your White Clothes 

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