Top 10 American Ghost Towns People Can't Get Enough Of  

Tourists seeking abandoned sites visit Belmont today. Camp overnight in the desert and see old buildings and mining equipment.

Colorado's abandoned ghost town of St. Elmo. The ghost town of St. Elmo, once a thriving mining town, now attracts tourists.

Ghost town Calico, California. There were over 500 mines in town. It was abandoned in 1907 after silver mines ran out. State park preserves town, and Calico Ghost Town Museum tells its story.

The nearby town of Bodie existed. Over 10,000 people lived in Bodie, a mining town founded in 1859. However, the mines closed and people left, leaving Bodie ghost town.

Belmont, Nevada is Mojave Desert ghost town. Formerly over 1,000 people lived in the late 19th-century town. In the 1950s, the town was abandoned after declining in the early 20th century.

Jerome, Arizona was a mining town before going ghost. Only ghosts inhabit abandoned mines. Sadie Burt, whose husband killed her in rage, haunts the town.

Rhyolite, Nevada, is one of many Western ghost towns. The past is fascinating. Rhyolite was founded in 1904 after gold discovery. The mining town grew to over 10,000 people.

Mining town Kennecott, Alaska is now a ghost town. After its 1903 founding, the town grew rapidly as miners sought gold and copper.

At least 2,000 people lived in Terlingua, Texas. As mines closed, population fell. Terlingua was empty by the 1970s. Tourists visit Terlingua for its abandoned buildings and Wild West vibe.

Once a mining town, Goldfield, Arizona is now ghost town. Since residents left years ago, only tourists visit. Goldfield is still fun to visit.

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