Top 10 Most Affordable Cities in the US To Move To Now 

Despite winter snowstorms, Buffalo has nice people and scenery. Buffalo, New York's second-largest city, has a 27% lower cost of living than the state and 5% lower than the nation.

Next: LeBron country. Akron has one of Ohio's lowest living costs. Breakfast cereals are its other association besides LeBron. Akron's cost of living is 14% lower than average.

Evansville, Indiana's third-largest city, is on the Ohio. Toyota and other factories hire locals. In Evansville, rentals cost $780 to $1,719.

Industry in Fort Wayne includes manufacturing, healthcare, education, defence, and services. Life is 1% cheaper than the state and 11% cheaper than the nation.

State and national averages are 8% and 10% higher than Erie's Cost of Living. Sixth most affordable US city. Homes cost 34% less than in the US.

Toledo. Due to its size, the “Glass City” has beaches, lakeside parks, and a local feel. Cheaper housing is available here.

South Bend hosts Notre Dame. South Bend has a 4.0 percent lower cost of living than the state and 14.0 percent lower than the nation. Near Indiana's Michigan border is the city.

Texas' Wichita Falls follows south. In the top three most affordable cities is Wichita Falls. Apartments average $677–$900 in 2023.

The US's cheapest city is Brownsville. Texas' housing is 30% cheaper and utilities 20% cheaper than nationwide. The state and national averages are 8% and 15% higher than Brownsville's.

 Aerospace boosts local economies. Daytonans pay 5% more than the state and 6% less than the nation.

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