Top 10 Signs You’re More Introverted Than You Realize  

You’re happiest in small group

One-on-one chats or small groups of pals make you happiest when socialising.  So when someone invites you to a party or clubbing, you'll probably make an explanation and offer coffee the next day.

You need solitude to recover after socialising.

If I have relatives or friends visiting with me for a week, I'll do my best to entertain them and be a nice hostess, but once they leave?  A few days without people will be needed!  I love my friends and family, but I need alone time to function.

You’re a thinker

Another indicator you're more introverted than you realise. Research shows that introverts are more thoughtful than extroverts.  They adore contemplating difficult ideas and meditating on their thoughts.

You’re picky about your friend

Introverts might be picky about friends. Does that sound familiar? Introverted people like me are careful about who they spend time with. Solitude suits you—you like it. You want to spend meaningful time with someone.

You have a rich inner world

We choose writing, art, and music to express ourselves. Since we're not "people" people, we use creativity to express our feelings. Painting, pottery, and photography are my passions besides writing!

You love to read

Read alone and escape into your imagination—there's nothing more introverted than that! It's comforting, right? It's a terrific opportunity to reconnect with oneself and refresh when the world overwhelms you.

Avoid shopping malls and comparable places.

Introverts struggle to comprehend why extroverts enjoy crowded areas for shopping and milkshakes.We like quieter places like cafés and parks.Naturally, we shop online for Christmas!For introverts, what I stated makes perfect sense.

You feel at peace in nature

Love being outside. Nature, animals, and silence speak to us. Nature refreshes ourselves and the world. A walk in a forest, hike, or swim in a lake is the best method to centre ourselves when life gets busy, overwhelmed, and disoriented.

You hate conflict

I cannot list all I did to avoid conflict, from losing friendships to quitting employment! After years of experience, I'm better at handling it, but it's never simple, right?Possibly for extroverts. Some of them may even want conflict.

You prefer texts to calls

I drove people nuts by avoiding calls at all costs. Emails and messages suit introverts! Am I right? I understand if you procrastinate when calling or get sweaty and anxious. Like most introverts, you prefer writing to conversing.

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