Top 10 Single Man Behaviours Women Hate 

Non-smoking women hate this most. The majority of people are not chain smokers, and they will tell you if you smell like an ashtray.


Alcoholism is a disease, but binge drinking can harm your relationship. Women will think your excessive drinking is reckless. Bingeing is wrong, but occasional drinking is fine.

Excessive drinking 

Despite its possible safety, most women dislike marijuana. Women who know you use alcohol will disapprove of your lifestyle and spending habits because alcohol is expensive.

Drug use 

Women want competent men. They don't want to hold you up when they're struggling. Men and women with low self-esteem are equally bad. If you're afraid to try, you'll never succeed.

Low self-esteem 

Misconception: women like grungy guys. When it gets too real, they leave for ruggedly handsome men. They prefer germ-free. An infectious disease may cause a bad smell and appearance. 

Bad hygiene 

 Knowing you're attractive is different from telling others. If you show off your money to impress a woman, she won't appreciate it. Be humble about your talents. 


Women want companionship. You may be shy or distracted, but ignoring your girl sends a different message. 


Being nice is important, but don't pretend to be by holding an old lady's hand as she crosses the road. Feel what's going on around you and act accordingly when problems arise.


Unemployment does not mean you are unlovable, but a woman won't tolerate it if you don't plan to change it. They don't mind if you make more. 

Lack of potential 

Also, complacency turns people off. Men who quit before trying something new offend women. Women don't like procrastinating, unimaginative, or unmotivated men.

Lack of determination 

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