Top 10 The Best Evergreen Christmas Trees 

Balsam Fir: Known for its classic pyramid shape and fragrant needles, the Balsam Fir is a popular choice for its rich green color and excellent needle retention. 

 Fraser Fir: With sturdy branches and a pleasing aroma, the Fraser Fir is a top pick for Christmas trees, valued for its attractive silver undersides and soft needles.  

Norway Spruce: This traditional favorite boasts a distinctive conical shape and dark green needles, but requires diligent watering to maintain freshness throughout the holiday season. 

Scotch Pine: Recognized for its long-lasting needles and strong branches, the Scotch Pine is a resilient choice that adds a touch of charm with its unique orange-brown bark. 

Douglas Fir: Featuring soft, dark green needles and a sweet fragrance, the Douglas Fir is a versatile option that complements various decorations while maintaining good needle retention. 

White Pine: Known for its soft, flexible needles and slender form, the White Pine exudes a delicate charm, making it an elegant choice for those who appreciate a more understated tree. 

Colorado Blue Spruce: This striking tree stands out with its silvery-blue needles and sturdy branches, offering a distinctive and visually appealing option for Christmas celebrations. 

Noble Fir: Renowned for its strong branches and evenly spaced, upward-pointing needles, the Noble Fir is prized for its elegant appearance and excellent needle retention. 

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