Top 10 Things To Stop Doing if You Want To Live a Long Life 

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Over the past 30 years, several countries have eaten more processed meals. More sodium, saturated fat, sugar, and less fibre come with processing.1The result? Cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cancer, and diabetes increase.

Stop Smoking 

Quitting smoking is hard for smokers. But here's some inspiration: the NIH says tobacco smoking is the leading preventable killer. Some estimates say smoking can shorten your life by a decade.

Stop Sitting Still 

A 2011 study indicated that 15 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise daily extended life by three years.Even those with cardiovascular disease and overweight people who didn't reduce weight through exercise saw the same results.

Stop Holding a Grudge 

If you feel justified in your anger, releasing it can be difficult. Best question: Is it worth the cortisol? This stress hormone increases when you're anxious or furious, harming your heart, metabolism, and immune system. Many studies have linked high cortisol to higher mortality.

Stop Keeping to Yourself 

Staying connected can be difficult if you're depressed, have lost someone, or live far from family and friends. Volunteering and connecting with like-minded people through business groups and book clubs might help you reconnect in a new city.

Stop Thinking Only Big Changes Matter

Instead of a whole life overhaul, try making one modest change, like getting up 10 minutes earlier to cook a healthy lunch for work. As the fitness advice above indicates, even short daily workouts can boost your lifespan.

Stop Lacking Health Due to Fear

Conscientiousness is one of the most essential personality factors that can affect longevity. Why? Conscientious people avoid harmful behaviours like smoking and speeding and instead eat well, exercise, and follow their physicians' advise.

Stop Cheating Your Night's Sleep 

A tired driver is at risk of a car accident, but sleep can also damage your lifetime. Sleeping less than six hours or more than nine hours increases the chance of death, according to epidemiological studies.

Stop Stressing 

De-stress by journaling, meditating (which boosts longevity), and relaxing. Practicing a few minutes of meditation a day—even at your desk—can give your brain a break from stress and worry.​

Stop Relying on Your Genes

If your parents, grandparents, or other relatives live into their 90s, you may too, but don't count on it. Twin studies in Scandinavia imply that genetics may account for only a third of longevity.

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