What Is The Christmas Tradition Of A Terry's Chocolate Orange?

Christmas candy is essential. While most Christmas candies are enjoyed by all, Terry's Chocolate Orange is controversial.

Along with the Terry's Chocolate Apple and Terry's All Gold chocolate box, the Terry's Chocolate Orange was a hit in England in 1932.

World War II halted Terry's Chocolate Works production until 1954. When it reopened, the chocolate makers put Terry's Chocolate Orange first, phasing out other confections. 

Food and Christmas traditions are anticipated all year. Southern families pride themselves on lavish Christmas dinners and cookies. 

UK and US consumers associate Christmas with Terry's Chocolate Oranges. It was made by Terry's Chocolate Works, a 1927 York, England Art-Deco chocolate factory.

Terry's Chocolate Oranges may be more satisfying to eat than to taste. Once out of the box, the chocolate is slammed on a table to perfectly break up the "orange slices" that look real. 

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