Where To Hang A Stocking Without A Mantle 

Using adhesive hooks and other removable hanging tools, you can use the wall space around your tree. Farrha Hyman, lead designer at MOD Interiors, says "You can use 3M hooks to gracefully hang stockings vertically on the walls flanking your Christmas tree.

Utilize Wall Space

There are creative ways to hang stockings besides the bannister. "You can hang your stockings beneath the handrail, just below the balusters," Hyman says. "This arrangement creates a beautiful display, especially if you have garland embellishing the handrail." Stockings can be bound with seasonal ribbon, bells, or bows.

Display Stockings on the Staircase

An overstuffed bookshelf is cosy, and it could make a lovely backdrop for Christmas stockings.An existing bookcase or floating shelves are ideal for hanging stockings from holders in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes.

Drape From the Bookcase

A simple ladder can tie any room together and provide rustic storage for blankets, trinkets, and plants. Ladders can also be used to hang stockings.A festive ladder with ribbon or lights adds height and is perfect for stockings.

Hang From a Festive Ladder

The structure of your window may allow you to drape stockings from the locks. Your stockings will be visible from inside and out if the locks are in the middle of the window. If the locks are at the bottom of the window, the stockings will flow over the side—either way works. 

String From the Window

particularly if space is limited. Avoid filling them with heavy items, as the stockings may weigh down your tannenbaum. Lean heavier stockings against tree gifts. Stockings combine with ornaments to make a festive holiday centrepiece for your living room.

Dangle From the Tree

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