Why The Shrimp Tree Is The Ultimate Holiday Appetizer 

Many of the many holiday memories I have over the years include prawn cocktail dancing like sugar plums among the people and gifts.  

This is probably because my family has always served duelling prawn cocktail appetisers at Christmas. One classic and the other flashy.     

My father's family has flashy prawns. For 40 years, my dad has brought the prawn tree to his older sister Linda's Christmas Eve party. 

 His cookbook-era shrimp tree has cocktail toothpicks holding small shrimp to a whole pineapple. The result is impressive. Unique and interactive, it's always popular. 

On Christmas Day, our shrimp cravings persist, so we visit my mother's parents a few towns over for more presents, merrymaking, and shrimp.

My mom's side of the family's prawn cocktail is a lot more serious. This time, it's served on a platter that was made just for that. 

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