05 The Sweetest, Easiest Christmas Candy Recipes

When you whip up these homemade Christmas candies like a pro, everyone will think you have a team of elves. They're easy to make with five ingredients or less and no special equipment or skills. 

All you need to make these truffles is chocolate, cream, and vanilla extract. Replace vanilla with liqueurs and roll in cocoa powder, candy sprinkles or finely chopped nuts.

The recipe calls for chocolate and marshmallows, but mini candy canes are needed for the handles and crushed candy coating. 

Smart tips from home cook Chef 4 Six: "I love making these! Chocolate chips harden too quickly, so I avoid them. Chocolate chips are shaped with an additive. 

This recipe doesn't require a candy thermometer. You must adjust cook time based on your microwave oven's wattage. 

Shar says she's made these for Christmas for three years. "I'll make them again this weekend for the year. This is the easiest truffle recipe. Absolutely delicious. 

"You don't need the recipe for this one," says amydoll. White chocolate candy chips were melted in the microwave (half power, 30 seconds per stir). 

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