Festive DIY Christmas Decorations to Craft Now 

The pretty Christmas wreaths, DIY Christmas ornaments, and many other Christmas decorations in these fun do-it-yourself Christmas crafts are sure to make your home feel like Christmas. 

To make three to five half-trees, cut matching bingo cards with flat and jagged edges. Hot-glue the flat edges to a 3/8-inch dowel, fanning them out to form a tree. 

Paint a Mason jar's exterior flat white. Scuff the paint with fine-grit sandpaper after it dries. Use red craft paint and a fine-tipped paint brush to paint baseball stitches. 

Ladies' luncheon staples add winter whimsy to walls with their snowflake appearance. Apply double-sided tape to triangular paper doilies, then group smaller ones to make the square trunk.

Weathered flowerpots stacked in descending size and wrapped in felt garland make pretty garden-themed porch or potting shed additions.

Use hot glue to secure the beginning of the yarn as you wrap it around a clear plastic Christmas ornament. Utilise bamboo cocktail picks to simulate knitting needles. Want to hang.

No matter their experience or attention span, crafters can make cute stockings from old Christmas sweaters, salt dough ornaments with the kids, or vintage Shiny Brite ornaments.

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