Short nails have proven to be the dominant beauty trend of 2023—here are the greatest options available.  

Electric blue 

Blue is one of our favourite 2023 nail colour trends and looks great on short, perfectly preened nails.

Reverse french 

One elegant way to try a classic white-tip mani without a long tip is the reverse french. Instead, you add a white cuff to the nail base for this beautiful look. 

Dreamy clouds 

This gorgeous cloud design on short nails will make you reconsider. The matte top coat and tiny details make this one magical. 

Gold cuffs 

If you want to try french manicures without going micro, try a cuff. This gives pretty accents without the free edge line by using less polish in an off-center design. 

Matte patterns 

Who said short nails can't have intricate art? Not us. This design shows what's possible on each tiny canvas, and we love the matte top coat for definition. 

Sheer pink 

It's hard to beat a fresh sheer pink manicure. 

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