This Map Reveals The Most Popular Christmas Cookie In Every State

You can leave a handful of Oreos for Santa or make a cookie grazing board for pals, but cookies are crucial to the holidays. Have you pondered which holiday treats are most popular? Your state specifically?

To quell our curiosity, Google Trends created a map of the most-searched Christmas treats by state We weren't expecting many Christmas cookie surprises. The popularity of Italian Christmas cookies surprised us.

Italian Christmas sweets resemble sugar cookies in appearance and taste. The most searched Christmas cookie in Texas, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Wyoming, and Pennsylvania was this delectable delicacy.

There are also many peanut butter lovers nationwide. In North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio, peanut butter flowers ruled.

Google's map makes us want to take a last-minute holiday trip to Kansas, Illinois, or Kentucky, where red velvet cookies were most popular. Respect a state whose favorite cookie is two treats in one.

We'd ask Alabama to explain their fruitcake cookies, but it's the holidays, so we'll let it go.

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