Winter's Biggest Nail Trends 2023  


Neutral nails are essential in winter. Glass says lighter and darker browns are popular now. Greys and deep reds are trendy.

Gel Extension

Even though short nails are trendy, gel extensions are popular "All of our locations are seeing a trend for longer nails. Gel looks natural and is safer than acrylics, which are harder.


We're seeing sort of more minimal design." A thinner-lined French manicure is the Micro-French. The line appears on the nail's top or bottom.


With Disney's live-action The Little Mermaid set to premiere in 2023, "mermaidcore" is a hot trend. "The mermaidcore look features blue- and green-toned shifting metallics and glitter textures

Galaxy Nail

Mr. Luis, a nail artist, predicts that metallic colours will be used with the blurry, airbrushed look to create an intergalactic look. "We’ll be seeing the galaxy look with bright neons instead of the usual black and purple colours,

Graphic Design

Some of your favourite celebrities have graphic nail designs, and you'll see more in the coming year.

Short nails have proven to be the dominant beauty trend of 2023—here are the greatest options available.