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Top 10 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

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Top 10 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

Top 10 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds:-Dogs are amazing, right? Their ability to help mental illness patients makes them legends as well as great pets. Every day, more people are using emotional support animals (ESA) for therapy. They help people with mental illnesses live healthier and better lives. Any pet can be an ESA, but dogs are best.

Top 10 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

Not all dog breeds make good emotional support animals. There are 10 dog breeds best suited for ESA work worldwide. Select an emotional support dog from these breeds:

1. Labrador Retriever

  • Labradors are gentle, making them ideal ESAs.
  • The fact that this popular dog breed is food-motivated makes it easier to train than others.
  • Labradors are great with kids, making them ideal family pets.
  • These dogs are the best all-arounders for ESA work.

2. Yorkshire Terrier

  • Yorkies are the sweetest lap dogs.
  • They’re small and don’t need much space or exercise, making them ideal for apartment dwellers who can’t exercise their dogs.
  • Yorkshire terriers are happiest on their owners’ laps or nearby.
  • Small, affectionate dogs that love physical contact make great ESAs.

3. Beagle

  • Beagles are adorable pets and slightly dopey.
  • Their cuteness makes them great ESAs.
  • Beagles can be active and energetic or cuddly and calm. Beagle ESAs are versatile.

4. Corgi 

  • Corgis are loyal, stable, and obedient.
  • Have you seen their adorable fluffy butts? If not, check that out now!
  • Though small, this breed is full of character.
  • ESAs benefit from corgis’ even-tempered nature and loyalty to their owners.

5. Pug

  • Just seeing a pug’s cute, funny mug makes you smile.
  • Pugs love kids and read their owners’ emotions.
  • They’re great emotional support animals because they can sense your mood and lift it with their cheeky behaviour and cute mannerisms.
  • Pugs are short-nosed, so some airlines don’t allow them as ESAs.
  • If you travel a lot, choose another breed because the breed can have breathing issues.

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Top 10 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

Top 10 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are popular for their floppy ears.
  • These spaniels are calm and low-energy.
  • These breeds are low-maintenance and great ESAs for depression-related activity limitations.

7. Pomeranian

  • The ultimate lap dogs, these fluff balls make great ESAs.
  • Pomeranians are perfect ESAs because they love being close to their owners.
  • If you want a best friend, get a Pomeranian.

8. Golden Retriever

  • Like Labradors, golden retrievers are loyal, lively, and need moderate to high exercise, making them good ESAs for those who are comfortable with that.
  • Make sure they get enough exercise and stimulation.

9. Poodle

  • Smart poodles bond closely with their owners.
  • Their intelligence makes them easy to train, a valuable ESA trait.
  • Having a trainable pet makes flying with it easier.
  • A well-trained dog is less stressful than a stubborn one.

10. Chihuahua

  • Chihuahuas are one of the most social and needy breeds.
  • If you have time and attention, this tiny breed can be a good ESA dog if it bonds with you.
  • Beware that chihuahuas dislike children and other dogs.
  • They prefer to be by a person’s side (or lap) and are noisy if left alone.
  • Chihuahuas are tiny balls of love with eyes only for their owners, making them good for depression.

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