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Keep Your Christmas Cactus Nourished With This Common Kitchen Scrap

Keep Your Christmas Cactus Nourished With This Common Kitchen Scrap

Keep Your Christmas Cactus Nourished With This Common Kitchen Scrap: Christmas cactuses, which are also called Schlumbergera x buckleyi, are beautiful houseplants for the holidays. They come from the jungles of Brazil. The name of these plants comes from the bright red and pink flowers they have near the end of December.

You could start saving your old eggshells if you’re worried that your Christmas plant isn’t getting enough food. Eggshells are great for fertilizing plants because they are mostly calcium carbonate with small amounts of phosphorus and potassium.

Keep Your Christmas Cactus Nourished With This Common Kitchen Scrap

If you’re thinking about using eggshells to feed your Christmas cactus, keep in mind that having too much calcium can hurt these plants. That being said, if you see that the roots of your Christmas cactus are going black or if the new leaves are soft, it needs a little more calcium.

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For the whole season, you can keep your Christmas cactus healthy by grinding eggshells into a powder and putting them in the pot’s bottom or making a drink for it.

1. Putting eggshells around your Christmas tree

  • If you think your Christmas cactus could use some extra nutrition, grab some eggshells.
  • Calcium helps plants grow and build strong roots. Adding eggshells to water to make it higher in calcium is one way to get this vitamin to the body fast.
  • Fill a pot with water and add at least 10 eggshells. You can add up to 20 if you want to.

First, boil the water for a few minutes. Then, leave the eggshells in it for a few hours or until the next morning. You can now either pull the shells out of the water or squeeze them if they’re broken up.

You can give this water to your Christmas plant to give it extra calcium and nutrients. To keep from giving your plant too much calcium, only water it with this solution every once in a while and only a little at a time. Each eggshell releases about 4 milligrams of calcium.

2. More ways to use eggshells to feed your Christmas plant

Making a powder out of eggshells is another great way to add calcium to your plant. To do this, put the shells in a coffee grinder or mixer and blend or grind them until there are no more big pieces.

Before you grind them, it can be helpful to wash the shells and let them dry to get rid of any raw egg that’s still on them. Once the shells are ground up into a powder, put it on top of the dirt in the pot for your cactus and mix it in.

If you want to give your Christmas cactus a little extra calcium over a longer period of time, try putting pieces of the shell in the bottom of the pot. Slowly, they will break down over time, letting calcium carbonate out. If you want to help your Christmas cactus grow, eggshells can be a great fertilizer.

Just be careful not to give it too much calcium, as that could hurt its roots. So this is article about Keep Your Christmas Cactus Nourished With This Common Kitchen Scrap if you love this info you can share your views with us.

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  1. I absolutely love the article on using egg shells for fertilizer. We have our own chickens and have to use the shells for something. This is awesome.

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