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Top 10 pumpkin soup recipes

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Top 10 Pumpkin Soup Recipes

Top 10 pumpkin soup recipes:-We can’t think of fall without pumpkin in our favourite stews, soups, tagines and trays to bake. We adore this vividly coloured squash, whether we’re carving it into a scary lantern or mixing it into a beautiful birthday cake. But our all-time favourite pumpkin recipe is a simple soup with lots of warming spices and a piece of homemade bread that isn’t very smooth. There are healthy and vegetarian options in our pumpkin soup collection. You can also find more spiced and seasonal goodness in our autumn soup and butternut squash soup collections.

Top 10 pumpkin soup recipes

1. Classic pumpkin soup

  • When you need a warm fall meal or as a starter for a dinner party, try this smooth, simple soup.
  • This is a vegetarian’s dream, and you can freeze it for a quick meal during the week.
  • We suggest topping it with crunchy croutons and pumpkin seeds to give it more texture.

2. Thai pumpkin soup

  • If you want to make pumpkin soup more Thai, add some lemongrass, ginger, chilli, and creamy coconut milk.
  • The coconut milk makes it thick and smooth, and the spices make it perfect for cold winter nights.
  • Add a dollop of soured cream on top to make it look even more decadent.

3. Pumpkin & lentil soup

  • This low-fat squash dish is easy to make and only takes 15 minutes.
  • To keep nothing from going to waste, carve a pumpkin for Halloween and use the flesh and seeds for this.
  • You can add other vegetables that are in season, like butternut squash or sweet potatoes.

4. Pumpkin & bacon soup

  • For this rich soup, we suggest using a Crown Prince pumpkin.
  • This recipe is very rich because it uses chicken stock, double cream, and pieces of maple-cured bacon.
  • It would be great for a dinner party.
  • Add some pumpkin seeds and a drizzle of maple syrup as a garnish.

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Top 10 pumpkin soup recipes

Top 10 pumpkin soup recipes

5. Healthy pumpkin soup

  • This healthy soup made with our favourite fall vegetable is very filling and good for you.
  • It has warm and spicy notes that make it feel better on a cold night.
  • Mix oats with pumpkin seeds and syrup to make a salty granola.
  • Add tamari sauce for umami and sugar for a little sweetness.

6. Vegan pumpkin soup

  • Make this vegan version of the classic autumn soup, which uses strong flavours to make dinner a joy.
  • This soup will be a hit because it has ginger, allspice, garlic, and miso in it.
  • For extra creaminess and texture, make a relish with pumpkin seeds and coconut to put on top.
  • Easy as pie and just divine.

7. Spiced pumpkin soup

  • Pumpkin and squash are always good to have on hand when you want to make a hearty soup for everyone to enjoy.
  • The delicious coconut milk is mixed with butternut squash, leeks, potato, garlic, and lemongrass in this soup.
  • Add some small chilli prawns on top and enjoy.

8. Italian borlotti bean, pumpkin & farro soup

  • It’s more like a stew, but this hearty soup has everything you need for a cold autumn or winter night.
  • This soup is great for a family because it goes well with fresh bread that you can use to dip and scoop out the tasty vegetables.
  • It’s also low in fat, which makes it great for people who want a healthier dinner during the week or just want to eat more vegetables.

9. Butternut squash soup with chilli & crème fraîche

  • A swirl of crème fraiche will give your autumn soup a nice kick while making it smoother and creamier.
  • The butternut squash soup is very simple to make: roast the vegetables, blend them with stock, add some spices, and serve.
  • It will be ready in less than an hour.

10. Spicy pumpkin soup

  • Another amazing soup! For that roasted sweetness, add ground cumin, coriander, and garam masala this time.
  • Add more toasted pumpkin seeds on top for an extra crunch.

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